Sleep Guide for 0-18 Months

Sleep Guide for 0-18 Months


Sleep Guide for 0-18 Months – a digital version of my support, on demand! This guide covers:

How sleep works

How to help your baby’s sleep

Myths Debunked


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I get asked about sleep every day by parents, and professionals. I LOVE connecting with people, but with the best will in the world, I can’t always respond as fully as I would like, when I get so many enquiries. The only way I can give you all the full answer that I know you need and deserve, is to create a comprehensive guide for you. So that’s exactly what I’ve done. In this handbook, Sleep Guide for 0-18 months, you’ll have a digital version of my support, on demand! Hooray! Here’s what it covers:

How sleep works, including:

  • Your baby’s body clock
  • How to understand and use sleep pressure to support sleep
  • Individual sleep needs
  • Sleep cycles
  • What we really mean by ‘self-soothing’
  • Normal amounts of sleep at different ages

How to help your baby’s sleep:

  • Easy changes
  • Reading your baby’s cues
  • Understanding the myths and confusions of ‘overtiredness’
  • Bedtime routine
  • How to love bomb your child to better sleep
  • Gentle strategies to move away from an unsustainable sleep cue
  • How to know if an underlying problem is messing with your little one’s sleep
  • Why YOU and your mental health are just as important

Myths debunked:

  • Drowsy but awake
  • Contact naps
  • Bedsharing
  • Feeding to sleep
  • Starting solids or giving extra milk
  • Sleep ‘regressions’
  • Schedules


  • My baby is wired at bedtime
  • My little one is high needs
  • My baby is cranky when they wake from a nap
  • When to drop naps
  • Short naps
  • Early rising
  • Frequent night waking
  • Moving on from contact naps or bedsharing with love
  • ‘Fighting’ sleep
  • Waking for 1-2 hours in the night (AKA split nights)

My hope is that this will be a really valuable, reassuring and easy to use guide for the hundreds of people who contact me needing support with sleep, but perhaps not wanting a full consultation.


Reviews of this Sleep Guide:

“Lyndsey Hookways “Sleep Guide for 0-18 months” is an essential read for all new parents, parents to be and anyone involved with educating this group of people. There is so much “sleep pressure” on new families to have the perfect baby yet so much misinformation. Lyndsey’s guide will educate you, put your mind at peace about what normal and will even help improve your own sleep. Highly recommended!”

(Nicola O’Byrne, IBCLC RGN RCN)

“Lyndsey’s Sleep Guide is a soothing and reassuring read for any parents, but particularly those who are struggling with infant sleep. It gently guides parents through a wealth of evidence-based information that can support them to better understand their baby’s unique sleep needs.

This resource recognises and respects the importance of attuned care and promotes synchrony between parent and infant. It addresses myths that surround normal infant sleep and offers guidance and practical tools to lovingly support sleep in your family in a responsive way. It empowers parents to troubleshoot common infant sleep issues and lists a range of trusted online resources for further information.

A wonderful, trusted resource to help you understand your baby and optimise sleep in your family.”

(Dr Kimberley Bennett, Child, Adolescent and Educational Psychologist)

“I want to “love-bomb” Lyndsey’s new Sleep Guide! Lyndsey approach to sleep is responsive, nurturing and compassionate. It addresses the sleep needs of the whole family. The guide is filled with education, realistic expectations, useful tips for infant sleep and great advice for caregiver sleep. I love it!”

(Dr Greer Kirshenbaum, Nurture Neuroscience)

“This guide is easy to understand, addresses common sleep questions and myths, and provides a bunch of practical ideas to help troubleshoot your sleep issues. You can literally improve sleep in 30 minutes (which is about how long it takes to read this)!”

(Melanie Bartlett, Beyond Sleep Training Project)

“Lyndsey’s sleep guide covers everything you need to know about supporting your baby – and yourself – in navigating the world of baby and toddler sleep. Particularly useful are the evidence-based explanations of some of the assumptions and expectations that are often held around infant and toddler sleep. Busting sleep ‘myths’ is so important to not only support our children’s development of healthy, biologically normal sleep patterns, but also to support our own development and confidence as parents.

This guide provides practical tips that we can actually implement to help our babies and toddlers get the rest they need, without doing anything to impede connection or withhold responsiveness. In fact, all of Lyndsey’s advice and strategies in supporting sleep, respect and nurture the child-carer relationship. This research-based guide is an invaluable resource for all parents and caregivers of 0-18month olds, that will not only help children with their sleep, but parents too.”

(Dr. Sophie Brock, The Good Enough Mother, AMIRCI President)

“The 0-18 months sleep guide has a wonderful approach to sleep. The focus lies strongly on acknowledging that every one of us regardless of adults or baby is a different sleeper whilst thoroughly education how sleep works, how sleep can be impacted and how to gently change a shift certain sleep habits and fully acknowledges that when it comes to sleep there is a degree of working on your own acceptance that sleep is a complex topic and that some parts may be out of our control but not others.
The approach is gentle and understanding to the many different sleep settings families might have which makes this sleep guide incredibly helpful and easy to read through, whilst picking up a wealth of knowledge from Lyndsey. It is a thorough and comprehensive guide that will leave you feeling reassured whilst offering lots of tips and tricks that can be tried to see if they may work for your child.
Lyndsey also has a wonderful way to explain complex processes in an easy way.”

(Maria Betsworth, IBCLC)

“Lyndsey Hookway’s Sleep Guide for 0-18 months is a fantastic resource for parents. It offers a useful combination of easily digestible evidence based facts alongside heaps of practical tips. I particularly loved the section around how to support parents. This is definitely a must read for new parents looking for some gentle sleep support.”

(Stacey Zimmels, IBCLC and SLT)

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