Lyndsey is able to speak to your audience of any size on a huge range of topics including:

  • Love, attachment, empathy and connection in families
  • Supporting families in a sleep crisis without sleep training
  • Infant feeding challenges
  • The epigenetics of sleep
  • Gentle sleep for infants, toddlers and children
  • Normal infant behavior
  • Safe sleep and bed-sharing
  • Eating and food challenges with toddlers
  • Feeling confident as a parent
  • The impact of stress on sleep
  • Sleep biology
  • Breastfeeding through childhood illness

And many more! See Lyndsey’s CV here.

Download Lyndsey’s current training brochures here:

Sleep and Responsive Parenting

Breastfeeding the Brave

Lyndsey Hookway

Other training

Lyndsey is the co-founder and clinical director of the Internationally renowned and well-respected Holistic Sleep Coaching Program. You can train with her and her team of International experts in the art and science of holistic sleep – which always prioritises the parent-infant bond, responsive feeding and never involves leaving children of any age to cry. See for more details and to join the waiting list. Lyndsey also offers bespoke training, as well as mentoring sessions for sleep and early parenting support professionals.


Are you a sleep, lactation or early parenting supporter? Do you need some support with a client you’re working with? Or would you like some one-to-one coaching in how to support families generally? Book one of my mentoring slots. I’ll send you some reflective questions and you’ll leave feeling clearer. I can support you with:

  • The type of support you offer families
  • How to get started
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to move towards a gentler style of parenting or sleep support
  • Understanding the evidence base behind sleep and responsive parenting
  • Unpicking more complex sleep, feeding and wellbeing scenarios
  • How to structure your support services

You can book a 1 hour (£200) session with me. Afterwards, I will email a summary of our conversation. Click on the calendly link HERE to see my availability and to book.

Lyndsey’s recent talks:

June 2022: Newborn Care Solutions Conference, AZ

March 2022: London School of Speech Therapists UK

March 2022: NIFN SW region seminar

February 2022: Sleeposium conference, Canada

January 2022: DoulaCare Ireland Conference

January 2022: Doula UK Conference

November 2021: International Association of Child Sleep Consultants book festival

November 2021: Ohio Lactation Consultant Association Conference

October 2021: Neonatal Infant Feeding Network seminar

March 2021:  International Nanny Association Conference

February 2021:  Appalachian Breastfeeding Network Conference

February 2021:  The Baby Show Live, UK

January 2021: Epidemic Answers, online webinar

January 2021:  Doula Care Ireland conference

October 2020:  Cuidiu National Study Study, Ireland

September 2020: CAPPA Conference, Texas – Slow down, speak softly, stress-free: How calm and confident parenting supports infant sleep

September 2020: Association of Lactation Consultants Ireland Annual Conference

June 2020: Cuidiu Ireland Study Day

May 2020: Association of Lactation Consultants Ireland Study Day

August 2020: Australian Breastfeeding Conferences – Breastfeeding the Brave: Stories and Solutions

July 2020: International Lactation Consultant Association Conference, Texas – Breastfeeding the Brave: Supporting medically complex breastfeeding children beyond the neonatal period

June 2020: GOLD Conference – You can’t sleep with your foot on the gas pedal

May 2020: ELACTA Conference, Milan – Sleep training: history, heresy and harms

April 2020: Sleeposium Conference, Ontario, Canada – Sleep series: Sleep biology fundamentals for advanced practice, The truth about night waking, How to support breastfeeding families in a sleep crisis, and The power of positivity – How understanding attachment, emotional connection and stress can transform sleep.

March 2020: GOLD Conference – Breastfeeding children with cancer

March 2020: Association of Lactation Consultants, Ireland – Supporting responsive sleep

October 2019: Australian Breastfeeding Association, Melbourne – Sleep training: History, heresy and harms, and Sleep Optimisation: the missing link in parent support

October 2019: Lamaze International – Lullabies and Lactation: Navigating bed-sharing, breastfeeding and safe sleep

July 2019: Starting Off Well, Plymouth – Night feeds and sleep, and The Sleep Gene

April 2019: GOLD Lactation Conference – Addressing Complex sleep problems while optimizing breastfeeding

April 2019: Lactation Consultants of Great Britain Annual Conference, Northampton – The Great Sleep Confusion, and Demystifying Sleep to support Optimal Parenting Experience

March 2019: Starting Off Well, Plymouth – Misunderstood: how interpreting infant cues can affect breastfeeding duration

March 2019: The Holistic Sleep Conference, London – History of Sleep Training

January 2019: Fill Your Cup, Whitstable – Exploring holistic sleep solutions for breastfeeding professionals

November 2018: iLactation Conference – Breastfeeding, sleep and the myths in between

Royal Society of Public Health and Institute of Health Visiting, London – The role of the infant feeding specialist


What People Say

Lyndsey has supported the city council for a number of years now with expert advice, training and education. She engages her audience and so it is not surprising that her workshops and presentations always receive excellent feedback from participants.

Gemma Scott
Advanced Public Health Practitioner, Plymouth City Council

Thank you for such a stellar presentation! It was apparent how much time, effort, and care you put into the. The participant feedback that’s been rolling in on the survey has been very positive and there were a lot of heart-warming comments being made at the end of the webinar!

Jill Swanson
Education Coordinator, Lamaze International

Hi Lyndsey, I’m taking the IBLCE in the spring and I have a 3 month in my arms as I revise! I wanted to take a minute to say how much I enjoyed your presentation over on GOLD. Clear, easy to follow and genuinely a pleasure to listen to! Thank you

Early results of the surveys indicate that you delivered one of the most illuminating presentations of the Conference, and Delegates would love to hear more from you!

GOLD Lactation Conference team 

I found your talk extremely practical in order for me to better support mums and their children with feeding difficulties. On behalf of the RCGP, we wish to thank you for the invaluable contribution you made to the Antenatal and Paediatric Conference.

Dr. Catherine Millington-Sanders
Royal College of General Practitioners

We were so pleased to have Lyndsey on board as a speaker for The Breastfeeding Festival 2019. She was so prompt with all of the information we needed to sort out the event and advertising. On the day, she arrived early and was on hand to speak to event delegates. The talk she gave was very informative, factual, and practical. As with most things regarding infant sleep, parents want to hear not just the science, but practical ideas for how to manage a difficult sleep situation when they are struggling. Lyndsey was able to give parents positive ideas that didn’t risk the well-being of their child. We are so pleased to have had her speak at the festival and would recommend her to anyone that would like to offer positive sleep support, and alternatives to the usual cry-it-out, to other parents.

J’Nel Metherell
IBCLC and Chairperson for The Breastfeeding Festival Milton Keynes

I would like to say a big thank-you for the presentation you gave at the National Neonatal Study Day. The feedback from the audience has highlighted yours at one of the most interesting of the day.

Rebecca Simpson
Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

I would like to thank you for joining us on Saturday, your talk was inspiring, interesting and insightful. It was a very relatable topic for our members to consider. On a personal level for me it was life affirming. Although related to babies it gave me the confidence to continue to believe in my convictions as a parent and look a little bit deeper into the love languages in relation to teenagers, boys in particular!

Roisin Sproule
President, IAIMS

Lyndsey’s webinar, Lullabies and Lactation: Navigating Breastfeeding and Safe Sleep, was incredibly engaging and informative. She developed a natural connection with the audience and shared her expertise in a way that left learners feeling energized and more passionate about their work. Lyndsey approached the topic of feeding and safe sleep practices in a mindful way that utilized inclusive language and high quality, international research to inform her presentation.

Jill Swanson
Education Coordinator, Lamaze International



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