Let me set the record straight! There is no magic with sleep coaching. Have you noticed that when you google around for sleep training methods, the information is hazy?!

Have you noticed that when you Google around for sleep training methods, the information is hazy?! That’s because there really isn’t a magic trick that works. If there was, you would be able to find it out from googling around or asking friends who’ve had a sleep consultant.

There’s a lot of re-inventing the wheel, and re-branding that happens with sleep training! That’s how controlled crying has ended up with so many synonyms – rapid return, spaced soothing, crying down, controlled comforting, controlled timed crying technique – you name it! But they’re all the same thing, rebranded over and over again.

Occasionally, of course, somebody does come up with a clever technique or two, but by and large the secret of being a sleep consultant is in the assessment of the overall situation. It’s being able to spot the patterns of behaviour, nutritional, behavioural, developmental, cognitive, biological, familial and birth factors that affect sleep and attachment and security. That’s the magic. And that’s why you won’t be able to google the ‘exact’ technique that I or anyone else uses. My magic is basically in your hands – based on:

  • the information you give me
  • my correct analysis of what your child is like
  • spotting the nutritional, behavioural, developmental, cognitive, biological and familial triggers and stumbling blocks
  • the most appropriate pattern of behaviour modification
  • the courage to stick with it and be consistent for several weeks
  • ongoing support

That’s it, in a nutshell. When you book me or anyone else, you won’t be let into the ‘secret’. I know that’s disappointing! It would be lovely if there was a patented fool proof technique for gently soothing your child to sleep without doing whatever the current annoying thing is! I’d love that! But there would be a book or website that was head and shoulders above all the others, and the media buzz over this technique would be everywhere.

Parents, what I’m trying to tell you, is that you have all the tools you need to make sleep better for your family – sleep consultants are just there to make sense of the chaos, to formulate a workable plan, and to support you in the not-very-easy task of implementing it!

Good luck in whatever you decide xx

Lyndsey Hookway is a paediatric nurse, health visitor, IBCLC, birth trauma recovery practitioner and holistic sleep and behaviour coach, and is also a respected International speaker and the Co-founder and Clinical Director of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program. You can pLyndsey Hookway is a paediatric nurse, health visitor, IBCLC, holistic sleep coach, PhD researcher, international speaker and author of 3 books. Lyndsey is also the Co-founder and Clinical Director of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, co-founder of the Thought Rebellion, and founder of the Breastfeeding the Brave project. Check Lyndsey’s speaker bio and talk brochure, as well as book her to speak at your event by visiting this page. All Lyndsey’s books, digital guides, courses and webinars can be purchased here, and you can also sign up for her free monthly newsletter here.