Exclusive sleep guide only available to those purchasing the All Access Pass for the Infant Sleep Summit!

This guide will help you understand more about normal infant sleep and give lots of practical tips, but don’t worry, none of them are non-responsive. Lyndsey is known for her gentle, responsive and evidence-based approach to sleep, so you are in safe hands.

You will learn more about:

  • how sleep works, including about your baby’s body clock and how to understand and use sleep pressure to support sleep
  • how to help your baby’s sleep, including reading your baby’s cues, how to establish a bedtime routine and why YOU and your mental health are just as important
  • debunking unhelpful myths on topics such as drowsy but awake, sleep regressions, feeding to sleep and bedsharing
  • troubleshooting such issues as short naps, early rising and frequent night-waking.

All in a valuable, reassuring and easy-to-use guide.