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Holistic Sleep Coaching (mini) course


The ethos and core components of the full 16-week Holistic Sleep Coaching Program succinctly distilled into a 1-day course (which is split into manageable portions you can watch in your own time). Through this training; health, perinatal, lactation, sleep and childcare practitioners who are invested in gentle and responsive parenting will be given an overview of what it means to develop a holistic approach to sleep support.

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This training day is like no other training you have attended before on sleep. I have distilled the ethos and core components of the full 16-week holistic sleep coaching program into a 1-day course. Through this training; health, perinatal, lactation, sleep and childcare practitioners who are invested in gentle and responsive parenting will be given an overview of what it means to develop a holistic approach to sleep support.

The training is split into manageably sized topics, recorded so that you can watch the training at your convenience.

It is also a great introduction for those considering the full Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, and is approved for 6 CERPs.

An overview of the key features of this course:

  • Gentle, respectful and responsive
  • Attachment focused
  • Bite sized mini lectures
  • Evidence based
  • Accessible (written version available for hearing impaired, full picture descriptions for visually impaired)
  • Holistic, whole child, family centred ethos
  • Practical and case based
  • Culturally sensitive, respectful of diversity and inclusive language throughout
  • Recorded videos that you can watch in your own time, from anywhere in the world
  • 6 CERPs (5.5 R-CERPs and 0.5 L-CERP)

What I’ll cover:

  • The context of sleep, sleep training culture, attachment and communication
  • Sleep biology, sleep cycles, parasomnias, sleep hygiene and bedtime routines
  • Safe sleep, bedsharing, infant feeding and feeding challenges that can affect sleep
  • Respectful sleep strategies at different ages, naps, and early rising
  • Behaviour, temperament, and parenting
  • Colic, reflux, nutrition, allergies, eating and health challenges
  • Mental health and anxiety
  • Sensory differences, neurodiversity and special needs
  • Co-creating sleep strategies with families, and case-based learning

What’s included?

As well as the 18 mini topics, I have also included:

  • 8 case studies
  • Reflective workbook
  • The holistic sleep roadmap
  • My night waking and feeding guide
  • Recommended reading and resource list
  • Additional materials and tools, and…
  • A complimentary 6-month membership to my private online mentorship group

Who is this course for?

This is intended to be an introduction to sleep, suitable for people who either don’t work primarily as sleep coaches – such as:

  • Doulas, newborn care specialists and maternity nurses
  • IBCLCs, and other lactation professionals
  • Childcare professionals, such as nannies and childminders
  • Health professionals, such as maternal child health nurses, health visitors and nursery nurses

It is also suitable for those who are already experienced with supporting families with sleep, but wish to learn more about the holistic sleep coaching ethos.

Scope of training

I’m often asked if a one-day training will be enough to equip people for work as a sleep coach, so I just want to say a word about the scope and limitations of this.
While this is high quality and intense training, and there are no minimum training standards required to practice as a sleep educator, I would suggest that any short sleep course is unlikely to fully equip you to feel confident to work with a range of sleep clients.
This course will equip those working with families to find gentler, more age appropriate solutions for common sleep challenges, as well as guiding the right referrals for more complex problems. If you would prefer a more comprehensive course, the full Holistic Sleep Coaching Program may be more appropriate. You can choose either the live or the self-paced programs.

While I welcome parents who would like to take a deeper dive into sleep, please note that the mentoring aspect of the course is not the place for one to one sleep support. Mentoring is an extremely important part of ongoing learning about sleep, but the support I provide is in an online group setting, and is not intended for people to ask about their own child.

Thank you for being part of the wider holistic sleep coaching family, and for spreading the word. I look forward to continuing to provide ongoing support in the private membership group.


A word about representation. You’ve probably noticed that the sleep world is very white and heteronormative dominated. I have now decided to increase the number of scholarships and bursaries I offer for Black and under represented groups. I now have 3 scholarship places per month, with priority for people from under-represented groups – especially the BIPOC community, and the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities. If you are interested in training with me, and want to apply for a scholarship, please email me at lyndsey@feedsleepbond.com

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